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US Flag Store sells many types of U.S. flags in different styles. Not only do they sell US flags but all types of flags. US Flag Store also sells state flags, world flags and all other types of flags. They sell outdoor flags, indoor flags, small and big flags. If you are looking for a custom made flag, they can make that for you also. Custom made flags can be of your design showing your company logo, the name of your business, school, organization or any other type of flag you need. Their f...
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The Negro always had to struggle harder than his white counterpart to succeed. Thus when an Afro-American makes it to the top echelons of any field he deserves greater accolades.One man who has risen from poverty to a respected position in education is Norman Francis. He was born in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1931 and grew up like the majority of Afro Americans as a poor and underprivileged child
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Susan Lewis is a British author who has written a novel ‘No Child Mine’. A reading of this book shows she is a fearless and brave author who has presented a novel on the unspoken horrors in this world. The fact that she is one of England’s top selling novelists is another feather in her cap. Susan has published 28 books earlier carving a niche for herself in the world of literature
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Can the United Nations help South Africans stop farm murders? Afriforum will be presenting a petition as supporting evidence to a report on farm murders, which will be submitted to the UN Forum For Minority Issues in November this year. South African Police Minister Nathi Mthetwa has only paid the issue lip service, and generally appears to make himself unavailable to the pleas of Afriforum and the victims of farm murders. Whenever the ANC government has appeared to give the matter their att...
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In an age when monarchies are an ancient relic, two important countries in Europe like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands still have monarchies. Both are constitutional monarchies with very little political power, yet they are an institution by themselves. However both monarchies have subtle differences that distinguish them from each other
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Bernard Malamud is an American writer whose father was a Russian Jew. Malamud achieved literary fame in America. His novel ‘The Assistant’ is a book that addresses the problems of America as seen through the eyes of Malamud. The writer in this book examines the American dream, as it appears to an outsider. The American dream of prosperity and what it holds for an emigrant is addressed by Malamud.
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In the movie "Lincoln'there is much talk of the 13th amendment. This amendment related to slavery. Slavery was an accepted norm in the USA and the church which is supposed to represent truth acquiesced with it. It is inconceivable that good farmers who kept hundreds of blacks as slaves were allowed to do so by the church. Perhaps the parsons forget to lecture them on race and piety in the Sunday sermons which were attend by hordes of white slave owners.
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A local history group has won a coveted award from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support a new project that celebrates the Georgian heritage of Sunderland. Winning this grant is a great achievement for Sunderland because it recognises the richness of the city’s Georgian heritage. The funding will allow us to launch a series of events that will celebrate the history of eighteenth century Sunderland and make it more accessible to local people
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The Japanese operations in the Indian Ocean were conceived after Pearl Harbor . After the attack on Pearl Harbor on 3 Dec 1941, the American Pacific fleet except for the aircraft carriers had been decimated. The carrier task force had returned to Japan for a refit and some much needed rest. However the war council thought it a fit time to operate against the British in SE Asia.
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Nehru was more the philosopher than a statesman and despite this bent of mind he always wanted to be Prime Minister of India and worked in the direction only. He thus precipitated the partition of India and accepted the two nation theory of Jinnah and even prevailed on a reluctant Gandhi to accept partition of India. He also showed poor handling of China and lost 30,000 square miles
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The charter of rights is about to be rewritten obliging people to avoid wearing certain religious insignia or garb in provincial buildings. This is the same province with a racist past having permitted slavery in the 1700s but on the surface it is a very accepting one.The government should be more permissive about immigrant rights.
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The Battle of Barbourville on September 19, 1861 can be classified as just more than a skirmish, but its importance rests on other factors. Firstly it was one of the opening engagements of the civil war and secondly it was the first victory of the Confederate army.The plan for the battle stemmed from the fact that the Confederate army had received information that the federal army and its sympathisers were organizing and training recruits for the Union army
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The Richard Burton Diaries reveal Burton as a very intelligent man. Readers will be particularly interested in his account of his relationship with Elizabeth Taylor. The diaries make interesting reading. Perhaps at times Burton must have been aware that whatever he wrote would be read by people all over the world for posterity after his death. Would that have colored some of what he wrote?
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Murdoch wrote ‘The Black Prince’ in 1973. The novel is an exceptional study of erotic obsession. It is also subject to multiple interpretations. One of the subjects of study and interpretation in ‘The Black Prince’ is marriage. Dame Murdoch created a character named Bradley Pearson, who is the narrator in the novel. Murdoch creates a fantasy by having Bradley relate the story. Murdoch refers to Hamlet in the, ‘The Black Prince’ very frequently. It is appa...
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The Empire instilled a sense of pride in the average Britishers. He began to feel that he was part of the chosen race to rule the world. Thus Kipling’s comment about the colonies as the ‘White Man’s Burden’ gained currency. For close to a 100 years till 1939, which can be considered as the hay day of the British Empire the average Britishers especially the middle class felt it was their god given right to rule the world.
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